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Ross lives in Canberra, Australia. He is the director/administrator of Barnabas Ministries, Inc., which offers Ministers of the Gospel a place to pause, refresh their perspective, and renew their acquaintance with God.

Sandal Man 2014
For Carers 2000
Hunger 2000
Garment of Praise 2000
I've Tried So Hard, Lord 2000
Giving 2000
Ice Skater 2000
Fear 2000
The Strengthening 2000
Candle 2000
Strangest Places 2000
Good Friday 2000
The Narrow Way 2000
Red Sea 2000
Footprints Unseen 2000
The Star 2000
Vision 2000
Boundaries 2000
Prayer for Passion 2000
Seven Musicians in George Street 2000
Colours I 2000
Colours II 2000
Go With The Dream 2000
You Are God's Dream 2000
Laughter 2000
One Flesh 2000
Divine Isness 2000
Mysterious One 2000
Eruptions of the Spirit 2000
Freedom 2000
The River 2000
Images of the Soul 2000
Listener 2000
I Am 2000
The Shaping 2000
The Lesser Path 2000
Mt Pisgah 2000
Pondering 2000
No Words 2000
Many Tongues 2000
Christ Vision
(Before a Mirror)
Sailing 1992

Peace doesn't just happen - it is sought out, negotiated, and can never be trusted to remain. Won't you help to keep it?

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