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We Never Know

We Never Know
Who will come along
and take our hearts away.
We Never Know
Where the rainbow ends
Until our dying day.

I never knew
I would find someone like you,
But I did,
and you said "Me too".

We Never Know
If the flame of love
Will last eternally.
We Never Know
Why a heart grows cold
we only have to say

"Thank you for the yesterdays,
They were swell.
Thank you for the memories,
The heaven, the hell..."

We Never Know
Who will come along
And find us where we are.
We Never Know
If a spark will burst
And start another fire!

I never knew
I would fall in love with you.
But I did,
and you said "Me Too".

J.R. Brown
© 1997 - 2004 - All Rights Reserved

"Lover's Cross"
© Deb Ackley
ALL music on this site © - Protected!


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