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The Fate of the Trophy Case
A Poem from
John B. Moss
24 January 2000

"Take a Chance On Me"

The roar of crowd is silent now,
the trophies gone, now gone the crowd;
the empty case holds nothing save
the dust of time that yearns in wait for us.

The crowd that offered up the gold
that shone to swear the victor's spoils
has gone the way of swearing crowds
to seek new heroes of the day for us.

Displayed as some self-serving proof
that value lies in deeds gone by,
in an event now glorified
yet lost, as tarnished trophies blur for us.

And cases housing them all rot
and need repair and fall apart
as time does pass so deeds do die,
and thus the glow of pride subsides for us.

The case now empty once was full
and showed the worth from sill to sill
of deeds which meant a valued skill
was set apart and first displayed for us.

As evidenced that fateful day,
the day the trophy first displayed,
our pride did grow like coin in bank;
it seemed the gain did speak our pride for us.

The case both swelled and seemed to grow
until the bloom of youth gave way
and younger challenge held the sway
such that the case could hold no more for us.

And as the torch passed on to those
whose greater cast meant our repose
in other cases, other lands
we feel the dreaded bide of time in us.

The contents of the case were sold
for value in a marketplace
that pays for gold and not for deeds -
the day of deed is come and gone for us.

For he who valued that event
has long since gone and since has spent
declining years in search of youth
and yet - it has not been so bad for us.

The youth which once was his, did live
and search for something he could give -
his very best; And now the time
for best is done, and gone the best for us.

For those who cheered are also long
in tooth, and gone, forgotten now.
As time does pass so cheers do die,
and thus the glow of pride subsides for us.

But who must rise in dead of night
and write these lines about this plight?
'Tis sad to have a tale unfold
when nothing seems to carry gold for us.

Unless the urge is so compelled
that up my bones and grab the pen
and set this story here for you
to savor what is meant by fame for us.

For all is lost - yet saved and found
if fate bequeath your ear for now
as time does pass so prize the best
of that which makes a win success for us.

John B. Moss - 01/24/2000 : 0230
(with gratitude to Tom Morris,
'Philosophy for Dummies',
on the matter of 'Fate')

© 01/24/2000-2008 - All Rights Reserved - John B. Moss


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