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Six Years Ago
Physically, it was attractive
Like a beautiful model --
Artful, Seductive, Desirous.
Not cheap, either. Yet
Not too expensive. Not too...
Easy to brag about, and easy to
Defend the sticker price; very, very nice!

One day, a ding.
But shucks, that happens.
Some more time, more dings.
One day you hear a noise, a
Little thing, annoying because it
Escapes you as to just where the
Sound is coming from...
Creaks and rattles, thumps, more now.
Everything seems to be, or soon will be, in
Need of maintenance or repair.
Can't we build these things as though we
Expect them to last, or what?

John B. Moss
© 08/05/1993 - 2008


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