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Images of the Soul

Beneath the status-enhancing,
     clutter of expectations
           lies the questing:

Unbowed, refusing denial,
     impish hopefulness insists on its place -
     naming what is beyond all names
           the striving for the flow;
           seeking the pattern
           vast enough and yet particular.

Relieved that I am not the centre,
     I find my place in history's bloodied beauty
     where music, at last, is heard
     and miracles of knowingness
     resonate in harmony
     that is sheer gift, beyond imagining.

A glimpsing, savouring, relating
     - piecemeal, ordinary, precious,
     soul-gleaned imprints,
     scented, firmly fragile,
           of a Presence beyond definition,
           more entire,
           more elusive,
           more welcoming.

Ross Kingham
© - 2000

Ross lives in Canberra, Australia. He is the director/administrator of Barnabas Ministries, Inc., which offers ministers of the Gospel a place to pause, refresh their perspective, and renew their acquaintance with God.


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