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One Flesh

Genesis 2:24,25
Marriage, for those who seek to live as Christ's ones,
is about the deepest trust
that yields and loves as openly as one human being can yield to and love

About riotous love-making,
honouring and pampering and playing sensuously,
celebrating to the full
About treasuring the beauty of quiet moments
when silence becomes love's language,
holding the other so delicately,
with the deepest respect,
as another private person of great dignity
who sometimes must occupy a space that is not mine.
About bearing in the soul the pain of the other
which may lead to the strongest tear-filled oneness,
or, for a time, the toughest tearing of the fibres of the soul
in separateness.

About seeing in children the astonishing unfolding images
not just of parents and grand-parents
(See his nose? Her ears? Funny toes?
How like his uncle, the way he walks!)
not just in their likeness,
but in the image of the Creator.

About holding little ones until they find their own strength,
and of letting them go
on their own wilful, wonderful way.

About choicemaking:
     for another, particular person
     - this man, this woman, I love unlike any other;

For the sharing of life
     - forgoing some of the freedoms of singleness
     for the dreams and company of the one I love.

About a miracle merging of hearts and lives
in which I am my own self
but also I am changed in loving
and being loved.

About believing that life is both present,
intensely, amazingly so,
and future,
about growing in beauty and in wisdom,
and finding and nurturing such growth in the other
as the days, and the years, roll by,
hair falls out or about or changes colour,
creases of the skin deepen,
and beauty takes new body shapes
undreamed of by advertisers,

And ideas and needs and interests change.

About loving Spirit-enriched,
generously, foolishly, deliriously,
not keeping score,
forgiving and being forgiven
and tasting the exquisite sweetness of it all
rather than allowing frailty to tear asunder
what God so mysteriously, so mischievously,
so caringly,
calls to be

One flesh.

Ross Kingham
© - 2000

Ross lives in Canberra, Australia. He is the director/administrator of Barnabas Ministries, Inc., which offers ministers of the Gospel a place to pause, refresh their perspective, and renew their acquaintance with God.


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