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One Astrological Sign
(Eliminate the controversy)
A Poem by
John B. Moss
25 April 1993

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Perhaps you've had a reading, or at some time
Let some gypsy read your palm? Maybe the
Astrological influences in your life are
Nil, maybe not. Is there any truth, that
Exists for us individually, in the stars?
Take me - are the differences between us
Ascribed to where, and when, we were born?
Raising the question, as I have over the
Years, usually results in more arguments than

I care to remember! Because the subject is
Not an easy one to deal with, and because
Fairly often it raises more questions and provides
Less answers than anything I can think of -
Unless its religious differences (same thing(??))!
Even so, there's something here for everyone;
No one should miss the significance of
Caring about others, no matter the medium.
Everyone sleeps under the same moon tonight.

© 04/25/1993-2008 - John B. Moss


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