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Itt Became Himm
His Royal Highness, Itt, was not feeling well. He had just received news of a plot to assassinate the King, Itt himself!

Now, Itt was well known among his subjects, for King Itt was the boldest, the bravest and the reddest of all the red blood cells in Earnest Hemmingway's body. Itt ranged far and wide through Mister Hemmingway, while at the same time being paid homage and respect by all the other red cells. But there was an ominous rumor that the white cells were gaining in number, and that in a certain part of Mister Hemmingway's anatomy they were going to sweep out of a side capillary and destroy Itt.

The King devised a solution, and this was Itt's idea: he would abdicate his title until the danger had passed. With this in mind, Itt called Himm to his side. "King Himm," Itt said, "I now pronounce you King of the Red Cells!" and with a flourish Itt passed the scepter to Himm.

Now, King Himm had a habit of humming as he hurried through his job of hustling through Hemmingway, so when he became King, Himm was still humming along while Itt was nowhere to be seen. As Himm passed the secret capillary someone called out "Have you seen the King?", and someone else answered "Yes, that's Himm now", pointing to the humming Himm. Immediately, the white blood cells swarmed out of the capillary and devoured, yes, actually ate, Himm.

Disgusting! But wait! Charging with his red followers Itt attacked the white cells! A battle ensued, I will tell you, but of course Itt was victorious and so he regained his crown, his throne, his title.

A just conclusion, you might say, for Itt was now reigning again in Earnest.

John B. Moss
5 August 1993


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