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E Squared
Early this morning the
Rains came. Crash of Thunder got me
Out of bed, closing open windows. It left me
Staring at bleak skies and puddles growing
In the yard, in the garden, eveywhere.
On the recently-graded slope intended for orchard,
New rivulets washed the intent into lower pastures.

Enter the night, the darkness of no matter,
No energy, nothing. And
This is where the Universe is headed: a
Road to Absolute Oblivion beckoning, beckoning...
Out of the Big Bang to a flat line,
Pro-rating zero to eternity -
You'd think there would be more...

John B. Moss
© 12/30/1997 -

John says "If you don't see the connection between the Title 'E Squared' and what's written above, feel free to drop me a line. I'd enjoy sharing with you."


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