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Collected Works
   Dan Lukiv
   circa May 2003

I'm a poet, novelist, and short story and article writer. My work has appeared 1551 times in 16 countries in publications such as The Canadian Children's Annual, Canadian Writer's Journal, A Journal of Contemporary Canadian Poetry and Poetics, Ahoy, Mamashee, Planet of the Arts, Green's Magazine, Firm Noncommittal, The Artist's Journal, Redoubt (Australia), ars poetica (Australia), paper wasp: a journal of haiku (Australia), Deepsouth (New Zealand), Pennine Ink (England), Purple Patch (England), New Hope International Review On-line (England), Psychopoetica (England), Current Accounts (England), Krax Magazine (England), Children International (England), Konfluence (England), The Journal (England), Splizz (Wales), Electric Acorn (Ireland), Breakfast all Day (France), Green Apples (Slovenia), Letni Casi (Slovenia), Haiku Club of Slovenia (Slovenia), Haiku Moment (Yugoslavia), Students On The Net (Singapore), temps libres (Belgium), The English Teachers' Online Network of South Africa (South Africa), Artslink (South Africa), Cyber Literature: A Bi-Annual Journal of English Studies (India), Iraq Daily Newspaper (Iraq), New Age (Palestine), Anthology Magazine (USA), Electronic Magazine of Multicultural Education (USA), VQOline (USA), So Young! (USA), Seeker Magazine (USA), Reflections: A Journal of Poetry and Art (USA), The Teachers.Net Gazette (USA), The Sunday Suitor Poetry Review (USA), Haiku Headlines (USA), You Can't Take it With You (USA), The Blind Man's Rainbow (USA), The Poets Lounge (USA), Waterways: Poetry in the Mainstream (USA), Fresh Ground (USA), Up Dare? (USA), Writer's Forum (USA), Writer's Exchange (USA), Poetree (USA), Write On!! (USA), MOON Magazine (USA), 79 words per minute (USA), Poetry Magazine (USA), artisan, a journal of craft (USA), Arnazella (USA), Emotions (USA), Hear Our Voices! (USA), Words of Wisdom (USA), Creative Juices (USA), the aardvark adventurer (USA), Pink Cadillac: The Magazine of Creative Thought (USA), The Poetry Explosion Newsletter (USA), The Armchair Aesthete (USA), Poet's Market (USA), Syncopated City (USA), The Sunflower Dream (USA), The Herb Network (USA), Laughing Bear Newsletter (USA), Nomad's Choir (USA), Hidden Oak Poetry Journal (USA), Our Journey (USA), Improvijazzation Nation (USA), Pegasus (USA), Omnific (USA), Planet Magazine (USA), CannedPhlegm (USA), Point Judith Light (USA), Entre Nous (USA), The Neovictorian/Cochlea (USA), Japanophile (USA), Poetalk (USA), Poetry of the People, USA, Piedmont Literary Review (USA), Short Story Bimonthly (USA), Moose Bound Tales and Other Stories (USA), Poetic Bridges (USA), The Journal of Poetry Therapy (USA), The Green Tricycle (USA), Timber Creek Review (USA), Fuel (USA), Poet's are Heroes, Too (USA), Images Inscript (USA), Poetic Realm (USA), Poetic Voices (USA), Poetic License (USA), Writing (USA), Sidewalk Tales (USA), PandaLoon (USA), Poetic Page (USA), Kwil Kids Quarterly, The New Horizon, *spark, To Do, Quesnel Community News, The Westcoast Reader, Over the Edge, The Writers Publishers, The Cariboo Advocate, The Journal of Secondary Alternate Education, Quesnel Writers, Prime Areas, The Cariboo Observer, Quesnelnews.com, Spaced Out!, Forum, The Alberta Teachers' Association Magazine, The Word is Out, Minor Hockey News, The Little Gazette, The Source, The Poet's Corner, The Path Not Taken, Pierian Spring, Repository, Origins, The Charlatan, Quack, The Challenger, Time for Rhyme, moments, Borders & Time, Alpha, Waves, Shadows and Light, Teacher, 3 Cup Morning, McNaughton Yearbook, The Student Voice, Tale Spinners, The Brunswickan, Wordspinners, The Buzz, Western People, The Speaker, canadian content, CanTeach, Coffee Break, Meditations, Carson Communique, Authors, Wildflower, Afterthoughts, and Education Perspectives. Some of my poetry has been translated from English into French, Slovenian, and Yugoslavian.

During 2000, I served as a weekly columnist for Students On The Net, an education magazine (online) in Singapore. My column, officially endorsed by Lycos Asia, was called Lukiv's Corner for Educators.

Presently (2001 to 2003) my educational column called For Teachers Only appears in The English Teachers' Online Network of South Africa: http://www.geocities.com/CollegePark/Campus/2159/.


1) Quibils and Quirks (a 108-chapter children's novel, serialized in The Cariboo Observer, 1997/98/99); 2) Our Television is Weird (a children's electronic book on disk, HMS Press, 1996); and 3) Fireside Reading for the Whole Family (stories, some poetry, Island Scholastic Press, 2000).


1) Communications for the Third Millennium: Part I (Quesnel School District, 1998); 2) Communications for the Third Millennium: Part II (Quesnel School District, 1998); 3) Creative Writing for Senior Secondary Students (BCTF Lesson Aids, 1997; listed as one of its 1998 bestsellers); 4) For Writers Only (Island Scholastic Press, 2000, 2nd edition 2001); 5) Composition: The Nuts and Bolts of Style--and a Few Other Things (Quesnel School District, 2000); 6) The Master Teacher: A Collection (y press and BCTF Lesson Aids, 2001; 7) The Master Teacher: A Collection (Island Scholastic Press, 2002 [2nd ed.] [Location in The Geoffrey R. Weller Library, The University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC): LB1025.3L85 2002]); 8) For Writers Only (Borders & Time, 2001 [2nd ed.]); 9) A Career Symposium (ETONSA, South Africa, 2002); 10) A Career Symposium (BCTF Lesson Aids, 2002 [2nd ed.]); and 11) Home-Grown Publishing (CanTeach and ETONSA [South Africa], 2002).


1) The Photon Cellar (serialized in The Cariboo Observer, 1994); 2) Poems Straight from Quesnel (Quesnel Writers' Group, 1997); 3) One Little, Two Little, and so on (Island Scholastic Press, 1998); 4) Cariboo-Winter (Island Scholastic Press, 1998); 5) Men and Women (Island Scholastic Press, 1999); 6) I Love You (Island Scholastic Press, 1999); 7) Exchange Program (Island Scholastic Press, 1999); 8) The Germans from Dortmund (y press, 1999); 9) One Little, Two Little, and so on II (The Poets' Corner, USA, 1999); 10) The Wise Man (Writers Brew Press, England, 1999); 11) The Wise Man (serialized in Over the Edge, 1999/2000); 12) The Lead Guitarist (serialized in *spark, 2000); 13) Skipping Stones (Island Scholastic Press, 2000); 14) After the Rain (Borders & Time, 2000); 15) The Winter Sun (Haiku and Tanka Anthology, 2000); 16) At the Home (Poetry Magazine, USA, 2000); 17) Quesnel: Between the Two Rivers (Quesnelnews.com, 2000); 18) Not Just Another Day (Poetree, USA, 2000); 19) The Ruby of the Universe (serialized in canadian content, 2000/2001); 20) Robert's Roost (Island Scholastic Press, 2001); 21) Spuds for Jonathan (The Brobdingnagian Times Press, Ireland, 2001); 22) A Difference (Improvijazzation Nation, USA, 2001); 23) Thirteen Goslings (moments, 2001); 24) Faces of Winter (canadian content, 2001); 25) Granville's Cafe: A Collection (Fullosia Press, USA, 2002); 26) On Scalding Glass: A Collection (Fullosia Press, USA, 2002); 27) I Love You (CanTeach, Canada, 2002); 28) Están En Su Casa (ETONSA, South Africa, 2002); 29) White Fog: A Dog Day Collection (Fullosia Press, USA, 2002); 30) The Comet Shower (3 Cup Morning, 2002); 31) Poet in a Lawn Chair (canadian content, 2002); 32) Still the Sky Glows Lavender (The Poets Lounge, USA, 2002); 33) Corpus Callosum (Artslink, South Africa, 2003), 34) Her Story (Poetry of the People, USA, 2003); 35) A Boy on a Horse (The Online Writer, USA, in press) and 36) Over the Shoulder: Bibliographic Poetry (The Poets Lounge, in press).


Lived School Experiences That Encouraged One Person To Become A Creative Writer (MEd Project; Prince George, BC: Education Department, UNBC, 2002) [Location in The Geoffrey R. Weller Library: LB1575.8.L85]


My formal apprenticeship as a writer includes intensive personal direction from masters such as Canada's Professor Robert Harlow, the USA's Paul Bagdon, and England's D. M. Thomas. I studied creative writing at The University of British Columbia (UBC), and I graduated from The Humber School for Writers' Creative Writing Program (Canada) and from The Writer's Digest's Advanced Novel Writing Program (USA).

From 1990 to 1998 I served as the editor of a literary journal called The Challenger. In 1998 I renamed the journal CHALLENGER international (listed in the 2003 Poet's Market, Writer's Digest Books, 2002), and I have served as its editor since then: http://challengerinternational.20m.com/index.html [ISSN: 1705-1932]. Through my Island Scholastic Press I have edited 27 collections of English poetry from Canada, the USA, Australia, Switzerland, Slovenia, Korea, Columbia, Ireland, and Russia. I also edit The Journal of Secondary Alternate Education, a journal of research, theory, and experience: http://journalsecondaryalternateeducation.20m.com/ [ISSN: 1705-1940].

For 25 years I have worked as a schoolteacher (BSc (mathematics), UBC, 1976; Teacher Training (kindergarten to grade three), UBC, 1977; MEd, UNBC, 2003), but I have also worked as a learning assistant, tutor, blues guitar teacher, workshop leader, car rental agent, longshoreman, porter on a cruise ship, deck hand on many tugboats, shipyard worker, cook, research assistant, janitor, warehouseman, gas jockey, British Columbia Horseshoe Championship scorekeeper, paper boy, berry picker, speech therapist-assistant, editor, literary agent, and poetry reviewer.

I teach Creative Writing 12 to senior students at Quesnel's McNaughton Centre. That course, which I wrote, is based on Professor Harlow's Creative Writing 202 at UBC. My course has been published by the British Columbia Teachers' Association.

Many of my creative writing students have had their work published in The Cariboo Observer, The Cariboo Advocate, The Challenger, Kids World Magazine, The Word is Out, Teacher, The Student Voice, Against the Wall, Western People, To the Wall, StudentsWrite.com (USA), TG: Voices of Today's Generation, The Journal of Secondary Alternate Education, and Challenger international; and through Island Scholastic Press.

I have also taught creative writing courses to adults through the Quesnel School District's Continuing Education Department.

As an actor, I have performed in four plays before audiences of up to 4000 at the Convention Center and Civic Center (both in Prince George, BC, Canada).

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