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With Age, Comes...
As a child I was told that
Getting older was something
I would just have to wait for -
Nothing could speed up the process of
Getting old enough to date, to drive,

Getting old enough to vote, to drink... Now,
Rarely do I think of those once-so-very-real
Aches and pains, those frustrating times when I was
Caught frozen in a moment of desire, denied by my age. Yes,
Each of us has wants and needs in which we are
Frustrated by denial, and no less pain is felt when
Unrealized ambitions are denied by a force which is
Literally beyond our reach: time. So now, as the
Last Decembers appear too quickly, I pray that in this
Year, this moment, I will find what I couldn't wait for: Peace.

John B. Moss
© 09/28/1997 - 2005


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