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The Changeling
With every death there is a birth,
With every birth, a hope takes breath
And as the babe grows to be child
It experiments, drives parents wild
Until the child becomes full grown and
seeds its mate to mime its own free spirit.

Then it gives as it received;
nourished, blest, and grows the while,
aging like the elder ere
before had brought the changeling here...
...now its time has also come
to wend the way, to end the stay.

But love is not lost upon the death
for all who follow have been blessed
and time is but a measured chain
which metes out love, again, again.

John B. Moss
© 08/10/1998 - 2008
A departure from my normal construct, I enjoyed hearing the pitter-patter of rhythm,
the thrust of the theme; the content drove the words right out of me.


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