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Technically Perfect
There are things we take for granted, like
Images photographed; flash-copied and
Eye-candy we cherish in albums,
Lasting (?) Memories which we
Evoke each time we open the album and
Set eyes on them, page after plastic page -
Such is the heritage we leave our children.

And when we Stop! Speculate -
Recognize the limitations of
Those special artists who lived
In days when these fruits of
Science were not available -
The music, the artwork, the
Statues reflect our inheritance!

John B. Moss
© 03/22/1998 - 2008
Inspired by the words of James Elroy Flecker (died: 1915), who wrote "To a Poet a Thousand Years Hence",
I wondered if perhaps I might find a similar message by looking at the authors of 1,000 years in the past...


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