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Maybe Not

All of life is deeply mysterious,
Seeming to stretch forever in front of us like

The future is infinitely there, for all of us;
Having a future is foreordained, a guarantee that
Each of us can count on - up

To a point. We don't examine death. Or
Worry about it, or think about it, until
It looms before us, creates a new reality,
Gives pause to once again plumb the mystery of life.

In fact, we subconsciously defend ourselves from the very
Start; we celebrate birthdays and anniversarys

By marking the time past. We remember those happy
Events in our lives and we party our way to the
Next time marker all the while shutting out the
Torment of the convalescent home that awaits us all.

John B. Moss
© 11/26/1996 - 2005


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