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Looking For Answers
Cautious, that's what we end up as.
Like kittens, we start out curious and
Eager to get our noses into everything.
And like kittens, we tangle the knitting yarn.
Next thing we know, we're in trouble!

So we 'learn', or so they say, and
Learning is the name of the game. We are
Actually learning all the time, but who is the
Teacher? Unfortunately, this is a class not
Easily retaken - so we'd better study hard!

Notes. That's what we need, notes. But
One of the things we fail to do is -
Take notes! Darn. Double Darn!

And we repeat - "Who is the teacher?"
Victims, that's what we are, victims.
Again and again we cry out for
Insight, asking "What now? What next?",
Like there is someone out 'there' to
Ask, who really has the answers.
But you know, there is an answer. Pause -
Let your senses get in touch with the
Eager kitten inside. Explore your self.

John B. Moss
© 11/22/1997 - 2005


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