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Thanking Joe Blow
My Dad used to say "Don't do what Joe Blow does",
And I never knew who Joe Blow was...
But I met Joe Blow the other day, and found
Him to be everyman, following everywhim, everywhere...
It is impossible not to do what Joe Blow does, because
He does everything.

Now I know what Dad meant, and you know?
I don't do what Joe Blow does, not everything, that is.
I'm a little more selective, a little more cautious,
I watch my diet, exercise regularly, hold myself erect
And keep my word. I pay attention to the little things
Like saying 'Please' and 'Thank you', and I know
This may not be everything, but it is enough.

A Tribute to my Father: Francis Ezra Moss    Thanks, Dad.

John B. Moss
© 05/27/2004 - 2008


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