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Is Charity Selfish?
For it is in giving that we receive.
               ~ Saint Francis of Assisi

Happiness is elusive, isn't it?
At times, it seems so
Very easy to achieve, and yet
Each attempt to grab happiness

Yields ~ emptiness.
On reflection, isn't it
Usually true that happiness

Escapes us when we force it,
Vainly trying to capture the
Ecstasy we 'know' is within our

The truth is, the
Real secret to finding joy
Is to give it away!
Every time we
Do this, give of ourselves, we

Keep some happiness for ourselves!
If you want to check this out,
Next time you're looking for something to
Do to make you happy, take
Note of how you feel after
Each selfless gesture, of
Sharing with those in need, of
Spending time helping someone else.

John B. Moss
© 06/08/2004


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