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Improvement Program
While the rest of the world is
Actively pursuing its own tail,
Imagine how to create some
Thing to make the world a better place.
Imagine no famine, no sickness,
No unhappiness due to the quality of life.
Good things come from good thoughts.

Find a way to create some thing
Out of no thing, a way to cause the
Rest of the world to Stop! Pay Attention!

Spending time in this manner is
One way to feel good, have good feelings.
Maybe if more people took this form of
Easy relaxation fewer people would be chasing their
Tails, hustling and bustling with no place to go:
Having no plan guarantees no goal, no
Insights, no progress. Imagination is not mandatory;
No one will accuse you of dropping out, of
Getting off the tread mill. No one sees...

Go outside the dots! Explore. Let your mind follow its
Own train of thought, seek until it finds its
Own frame of reference, its own solutions.
Dreaming is the first step - towards waking up!

John B. Moss
© 10/01/1997 - 2005


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