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What If Adults Believed in Santa Claus?

If adults believed in Santa Claus,
How different the world would be,
For every single root canal
Brought a visit from the tooth fairy.

And every year we jumped for joy
When school let out for summer
And instead of birthdays being a drag
Each year they just got funner.

And friends were found in plenty.
And everyone got along.
Little things in life would make us smile;
A laugh, a dance, a song.

No longer would there ever be
Such things as debt and war,
And greed and lust and gluttony
Would quickly be no more.

The Easter Bunny and Jack Frost
Would meet with Peter Pan,
And take a little bit of pixie dust
To fly off to Neverland.

There's no more need for doctors
No need for colds and cures.
And no more need for earmuffs
Cause it's always warm outdoors.

A thousand lifetimes there I'd spend
It's where I want to be
Where adults believe in Santa Claus
Sounds pretty darn good to me.

Justin Stuempfle
© 12/25/2004 - 2006


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