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Value Received for Value Given
Given that you never seem to have enough
Of those things you value most,
Let's see if somehow we can examine the
Dynamics of failing to have those needs met.

If you can take advantage of the tools at your disposal
New doors may open for you and your needs can be fulfilled.

You have a reservoir continually tapping into knowledge
Of all kinds; you know this tool by name - your subconscious.
Using this tool takes practice and patience, because the
Reality of the moment hides the quiet, quiet

Churning of your wheels, the turning over of
Events and issues and the juxtapositioning of new ideas.
Let go of the outer reality for five minutes; if you
Let five minutes a day be spent in
A quiet reflection of your inner needs, the
Results will satisfy you as though you've found gold!

John B. Moss
© 06/06/1993 - 2005
(Taken from: '50 Ideas That Can Change Your Life!' by Dr. Robert Anthony - 1987)


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