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Finding Me

Finding my heritage means I can
Acquire an understanding of what it
Means to be me; who I am
In fact, where I came from, why I
Like some of the things I like and maybe
You have wondered that too (about me)..

Have you ever pondered your roots, looked
In the mirror at yourself and
Said "Why am I like I am"?
The unvarnished truth is that we
Often ask this of ourselves and accept the
Reply "Oh well, it doesn't matter".
I was surprised to find some answers

Captured in LDS records*, on file, and
Every day this file grows and grows as
New genealogical information is gathered,
Then indexed and added to the millions of
Entries already available to everyone; this
Research provides a tool to help me find myself.

* LDS: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints provides a free service for patrons who are searching for their roots. Records identifying kinship relationships, taken from census records and other sources for vital information, can be reviewed to identify your ancestors. Yes, you! Call the local LDS Church to find out more.

John B. Moss
© 03/26/2014


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