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My Essence
The point is, my passing is inevitable ~
In fact, the Spirit that is me,
My paths and the roads I've been,,
Including all the things I've seen ~
Nothing tangible, understand ~ all
Get taken on with me...

Is there a God in all this plan?
So be it, if you can believe His will...

Even so, while I'm here I've much to give;
Verily, I share my life with you, and
Even as I pass away, as all who live, this
Really is something I must do...
You see, the trick, my love, is
To accept each day, each
Hour, as though all meaning
Is so evident that being 'gone' is
No great thing, and having had this time with you
God knows that this was meant for me to do.

John B. Moss 28 May 2006
© ~ 1978-2006 All Rights Reserved ~ John B. Moss


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