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Different Roads

Many of the things I've set my mind to strive for
I've not reached, or have settled for a
Lesser goal, a somewhat lower standard and an
Easier target to achieve. For example, as a
Student in grade school, I wanted to be
The President of the United States. This was
One goal perhaps many kids shared, initially,
Notwithstanding the improbability of such an
Erstwhile undertaking. Looking back, I
See that perhaps my grades might have been better..

Very likely, though, I did what I did because
I really had no choice in the matter. I'm not
Saying I believe in predestination, or that
I'm pessimistic about who I am, or how
Things have turned out. Rather, I think that
Everything along the way, every choice made, was
Done because I wanted to be the person my mother saw in me.

As long as I am ascribing external forces as the
Greater cause for my actions, let me also suggest that
All along the way, through every right/wrong choice,
I knew what was expected of me. I can tell you
Now that I am the result of my own decisions, and I'm OK.

After the years have passed, and I definitely
No longer have the wished-for-opportunity to go back 'and
Do it again', I must say I never felt that way!

As events unfolded in my life, and I benefited from some
Great opportunities while forsaking others, I was always
Aware of the consequences of each decision, each choice
I made, as I was making it. Maybe, if my choices were
Not your choices, 'tis because we traveled different roads;

      or had different mothers!

John B. Moss
© 09/04/1997 -


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