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On the Way Home

A poem by

Brian Graham

An empty face
One you can't replace
You turn around, to turn around
We turn around now
To think we have changed our fate
But still we turn around
Only to realize life has no depth

We fall apart
When they make us hurt
A simple line that turns around
We just turn around
Cause we all feel hurt
Only to realize life has no depth

On the way home the grass grows
Feeling sad now
It is the way these days
And the words here
Are the worlds way to save
On the way home fearing life now
But we are living life somehow
Saved on the way home
We turned around, only to turn around
Cause we all see the worst
When we realized life has no depth.

Bio -- The poem is about how we run from reality. We know the truth we just choose to turn our backs to it.
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