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Before that Spring day began, I wondered if
One day the decision I was about to make would rear
Up and bite me, would perhaps haunt me for life;
Not many are offered the choice, nor do they see the
Dilemma which I had to deal with, and which I faced.

A choice of citizenship is not too common,
Not your usual nail-biting exercise. But no
Doubt I've already said a bit much about it...

Daybreak, and I was off to see the Navy Recruiter,
Examine the question of serving this Country, the possible
Totality of which could mean death! And in the process
Explain to my Mother (Australian) that my birthright
Rests on my Father's side (American) and which for
Me, having been born in Canada, must be a fait accompli.
I cannot tell you how I struggled with this, and how plastic
Now it all seems when the years are behind and the twig bent.
Even so, the choices made were significant then and made
Destiny of me as an American, and as an American I now stand!

John B. Moss
© 06/04/1993 -


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