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Ideas and Alternatives in Web Page Design

MiscelPage specializes in web page design and maintenance of web pages. A List of current services and design options is shown in the table immediately below. Send an e-mail for more information. The response will be quick, and to your satisfaction.
Service Basis for Cost Estimate
Review of your needs, including design requirements Basically free, until an agreement has been reached and subsequent modifications are requested. This will involve a per-hour charge negotiated before ANY initial work is undertaken.
Page creation, including format and placement of text and graphics Pricing is based upon:
  • the number of pages
  • the number of images to be included
  • the requirement for special routines, such as:
    • counters
    • guest book
    • animated applets
    • javascript requirements
    • etc.
A negotiated price will consider the availability of required tools, and the estimated amount of time required to construct the page(s).
Page maintenance (ongoing support for maintenance) Pricing is based upon:
  • the frequency of change
  • the number of images involved (if any)
  • the number of pages requiring maintenance
Maintenance is usually very minimal, and you can anticipate a very low rate if you plan to make very few to no changes. Even with regular maintenance (say as in a church with weekly or monthly program change announcements), a reasonable rate will be quoted. (A resonable rate is ALWAYS quoted, but there is more involved if your request includes a need for changing graphics.)
Backup In the event something unexpected happens and you lose your host site, your pages can exist in duplicate as part of our agreement. This backup can be negotiated as part of a maintenance agrrement, or separately in the event a maintenance agreement is not needed.
Services NOT included in this estimate Under separate contract, or otherwise considered outside of the design of your page, are the following:
  1. No effort relative to placing your site on search engines, or any other form of site advertising, is considered a part of this design effort.
  2. Hosting, or supplying a location for your pages, is not considered to be a part of the design effort considered here. (Restrictions concerning content and acceptability are yours to consider, and no design effort will be undertaken for placement of your page in a content-restricted host location.)
  3. Site naming or any aliasing of your site to a name other than what you provide as your target host location are beyond the scope of design services relating to your web page design here.
All cost estimates are negotiated at the time of your request.

Okay - if you've come this far you're obviously serious about having your own page. Good! You will need to consider carefully a few points, prior to actually deciding to jump in and create your page. Take a few moments to organize your thoughts and answer these questions:
  1. What is the main purpose of my page?
  2. Who is my intended audience?
  3. How often will there be a need to change the contents of my page?
  4. What do I expect to receive as a result of web response?

Considering these questions will sometimes cause a person to stop and decide against having a page - and well they should, if the page is without purpose, if maintenance (updates and changes) are excessive, if the audience either does not exist or is unlikely to find your page, or if your expectations are unreasonable in terms of what you expect to receive as a benefit.

But! If you're happy with the answers to these questions, MiscelPage would like to hear from you and help you reach your goal! Generally speaking, web page creation is a one time shot, and page maintenance is minimal because of your minimal change requirements. So let's consider what your needs are, and explore the range of costs associated with the design of your page. You may be pleasantly surprised to find the cost affordable, and the results - uniquely YOU!

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