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Galileo Lives
There was, a long, long time ago,
In the days before the Wrights, or
Mendel, a man who had a vision, an idea. !!!
Even then, people hated new ideas.

They laughed at him, made fun of him,
Ridiculed his ideas; it got so bad that
Anyone who took his ideas seriously were
Very sorry they did - because in the end they
Executed Galileo Galilei for believing that the
Life-force for our galaxy is the Sun, not the
Earth! And all who supported his ideas
Ran into hiding, because the Church held that

Nothing so divinely inspired could ever be
Other than the center of our universe but our
World, our earth.   Galileo lives today, my friends!

John B. Moss
© 04/25/1993 - 2005


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