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The Passamaquoddy Duck

A Poem by
F. E. Moss
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"I Come to the Garden Alone"

A life begun must meet its end;
Is governed by compelling trend
To make advance, or be content
With thoughts of by-gone seasons spent.

'Tis said there is a bird of prey
That calls men to the latter way.
Its methods many term ill-luck
Who may respond to this vain duck.

This fowl of reminiscient mold
Inflicts a ruinous mental hold
Upon the subject who would be
Alert for God, and vision see.

A vision void of self and whim.
A vision which would suffer Him:
To carve away the human waste;
Reveal the soul by Jesus blest.

Who, then, will by this evil fall?
Respond in answer to the call
Of looking forward; never back,
Responsive to deceiving 'quack'.


F.E. Moss
12 W Walnut St

© 1938 - 2008 - F. E. Moss ~ All Rights Reserved


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